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Benjamin WomanThe Soul Kings one and only Benjamin Woman is the son of Crispin Woman and Scarlet Woman. Benjamin always felt he had r.r.r.r.rrrrythum and found himself grooving along to many of the soul legends from a very early age. Always drawn to the bass end he wanted to be in the background providing the so solid foundations of all great tunes. At school he felt like the 'man who fell to earth' and found himself mentally drifting out of the Math's class trying to work out the menacing groove of 'Young Americans' of 'Aint that peculiar'.

Soul, Blues and Jazz became a 'Real Thing' for Benji and while Britain's Got Talent; Benji was drawn to the stateside feel of music. Benji got his first taste of performing in the school band at age 11 where, playing on a borrowed 'Fender Jazz' bass, he took his first tentative steps into performance. Benji knew from that moment he was 'Born to run'… I mean perform.

A chance meeting on a bus and a love for music drew Benji and a slightly older Desmond Stretch together and after long conversations they decided to hone their dance and performance skills on a long road together culminating in the Soul Kings.

Many rehearsals later there was a piece of the jigsaw missing and that was a great front man…a real 'SOULman'. This came in the shape of Cadbury Wolfgang, a handsome, theatre loving soul singer who wasn't in it to be a Dorothy. He definitely wanted to go 'Somewhere over the rainbow' and not come back.

'On her majesty's secret service' did not come looking for Benji so he continued to be a musical 'Apprentice' hoping all the while that he wouldn't be fired. Benj is also a fan of 'James Bond' movies and tried to model his hair on early 'Sean Connery' without much success.

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