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The Soul Kings one and only Desmond Stretch is the son of Pink Floyds soul legend tambourine !.. Gerald Goose! . Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Desmond spent many hours downtown Detroit with the Jazz and Soul men and soon developed the art of 'Soul Pronunciation' words like "Yeh" and 'Awright!' and after learning how to string them together developed a new one word sentence; Y'alright?. An undeniable love for Soul music led naturally to performances at corporate entertainment and event entertainment throughout Britain demonstrating clearly that Britains Got Talent. Desmond's enthusiastic characteristics were evident from the first moment that he peak'd beyond the curtains of fame in his secondary school hall playing the rear part of the donkey depicted in the school play of the now popular film Shrek. Fortunately fame was swift after leaving school at the tender age of 6 with 29 GCE's, ..a higher and a masters in the popular study of nuclear transmutation, look it up its fun!!

After buying his first guitar he waited almost a year before his first song was composed. In the main, the reason for the delay was strictly down to the fact that his guitar was initially delivered from, Argos (USA), without strings and in the 90's, owing to the copper and steel string shortage caused through a rush in odontology, steel strings were diverted and redirected for use by orthodontics up and down the country.

Nevertheless, Desmond formed The Soul Kings with close friend and fellow lute player, Benjamin Woman. The key elements were at last forming. However Des and Benj required serious help... in the way of front man Cadbury Wolfgang and the rest is back in the future. Desmond has returned to night school where he is developing a time machine to get back to the future to enable the finishing of this section of theā€¦.CRzZzzzzzzzzz!!!! Flash:.'

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