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Cadbury WolfgangBorn Cad Wolf, the last in a long line of King's, Queens and Chocolatiers. This Cool dude is made of nothing other than his name suggests. His blood consists of 99.9% Chocolate and his bones are merely constructed of minors and majors.
From his lowest 'C' Natural to the highest 'E' Flat…

Cadbury comes with nothing but the highest standards and the biggest idea of what fun should be. Bringing an energy that he found during the 1970's. He loves life and and the people in it. From the smallest birthday party to the biggest corporate events he just knows how to judge a room and pushes all the rite buttons with the other boys when they take to the stage with there slick dance moves and tight harmonies.

Over his short existence so far this guy has performed to millions. Through the waves of BBC to the biggest live events the width and bright of the country. There is no job too big or too small for Cadbury.

After recently updating his itunes library Cads asked if this is what people actually listen to these days! It turned out his fire alarm had gone off and he'd failed to realise. Leaving his fro slightly smoke damaged Cads took a day away from the stage and had a nice relaxing day at the spa where he'd had his fro re-bushed... thanks to Sunny & Sheers, the best little Hair house in texas. This fro has collected a lot of air-miles to date.

Mentored by the late Barry White on how to eat his cadbury's cream eggs he has also taken some other advice from other artists like Britney Spears (Never shave your fro if it makes people smile) and more advice from the late King, Elvis (Always shake and grind to the little darling in the front row never leaving out her mother…or her Father for that matter!

Cadbury and his fellow band mates Desmond Stretch and Benjamin Women are on the road currently, with a diary full of shows to come, from the Hilton's hotel and house parties, christmas parties and 'hopefully'  the up-coming royal wedding of his homely home boy Prince William whom The Soul Kings have already had the privilege to play in the presence of…(555-321-Call me Will)… All Princes get 69.9% Discount and a free 'Kings' Fro. To the rest of his loyal party-goers...
"One is looking forward to helping your night be the biggest Inferno of the year",

Cadbury WolfGang.

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